truXTRAC FFPE total NA Plus Kit - Column

CovarisSKU: COV-520252



Optimized to work with larger FFPE inputs: ≤ 45 μm of FFPE sections. Kit contains reagents and consumables required for extraction and purification of DNA and RNA from 25 FFPE tissue samples.


Technical Specification Description
Size 25
Application FFPE Extraction
Part Number COV-520252
Sample Volume 500 μl
Instrument Compatibility LE220-plus, LE220R-plus, ME220, E220, E220evo, M220, S220


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truXTRAC® FFPE total Nucleic Acid Plus Kit – Column

truXTRAC® FFPE total NA Plus Kit - Column




Safety Data Sheet MnCl2

Safety Data Sheet Proteinase K Solution

Safety Data Sheet DNase I lyophilized

Safety Data Sheet DNase Buffer

Safety Data Sheet Tissue SDS Buffer

Safety Data Sheet Buffer BW

Safety Data Sheet BufferB1

Safety Data Sheet Buffer B5, Buffer BE, Buffer PB


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