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Simple, yet refined targeted sequencing

LoopCap™ technology combines powerful target capture with an easy-to-use, automation-friendly workflow, for unparalleled results.

The better alternative to hybrid capture or amplicon technology

Finally, you don’t have to compromise.

Hybrid capture library prep kits provide rich data quality, but complicated and lengthy protocols that are hard to automate make this technology difficult to implement in many laboratories.  On the other hand, amplicon-based enrichment kits provide easier workflows and faster turnaround times, but suffer from poor coverage that can result in allelic dropouts and lead to compromised data. 


Get the benefits of both.

LoopCap™ targeted NGS technology is the result of a decades-long refinement of the molecular inversion probe (MIP) approach. It delivers better performance with a simpler workflow, providing the perfect balance of hybrid capture- and amplicon-based target enrichment benefits. The automation-friendly workflow is perfect for labs interested in developing scalable and high-throughput capabilities.


Simple workflow. Exceptional data. Targeted sequencing… simplified Powered by an advanced Molecular Inversion Probe (MIP) technology that has been refined over a decade, the Molecular Loop NGS enrichment solution is simple, robust, and offers exceptional data quality


Custom Panels

Build a custom NGS panel according to your exact design criteria for unprecedented sequencing results.

Make it your own

Molecular Loop offers custom assays that are based upon user-provided content. Built with our unique chemistry and workflow advantages, our assays offer outstanding performance right out of the box. 


Expanded Carrier Screening Research Panel

Off-the-shelf, à la carte, or custom. We have you covered.

Bringing customization and a simple workflow to Carrier Screening

Carrier screening is an important tool for potential parents to know their carrier status, and the resulting risk of passing genetic disorders to their children. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ACOG) recommends that every pregnant woman be provided with carrier screening information, as prenatal diagnosis and advanced reproductive technologies may decrease the risk of an affected offspring.1
Research continues to discover more critical biomarkers, and in order to improve the potential of inherited disease screening, it is important to have a technology that supports the flexibility of content. Molecular Loop offers that flexibility in a simple workflow.

Elegant 4-step workflow with colored master mixes makes implementation simple and easy to scale