truXTRAC FFPE total NA Kit - Magnetic Bead

CovarisSKU: COV-520246



Kit contains reagents and consumables required for the sequential extraction and purification of DNA and RNA from 25 FFPE tissue samples. Optimized to work with standard FFPE inputs: FFPE slide sections up to a total of 25 µm in total material thickness (from a 10 mm2 area), scrolls/curls up to 20 µm in total material thickness, and one core up to 1.4 mm in diameter.



Technical Specification Description
Part Number COV-520246
Sample Volume 130 μl
Samples per kit 25
Sample Type FFPE
Application FFPE Extraction
Instrument Compatibility LE220-plus, LE220R-plus, ME220, E220, E220evo, M220, S220
Case No


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truXTRAC® FFPE total NA (tNA) Kit - Magnetic Bead Purification (25)

truXTRAC® FFPE total NA Kit - KingFisher Duo Prime Purification (25)



truXTRAC® FFPE Total Nucleic Acid Kits



Novel, Automated Co-extraction of High-quality DNA and RNA from a Single FFPE Sample

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