tissueTUBE TT1 (25)

CovarisSKU: COV-520001

Title: COV-520001


tissueTUBEs for sample collection, storage, pulverization, and transfer. For samples of mass up to 300 mg. For use with the CP02 cryoPREP® Automated Dry Pulverizer, and Holder tissueTUBE TT1 & tissueTUBE Extra Thick.



Technical Specification Description
Application Tissue Pulverization
Part Number COV-520001
Sample Volume up to 300 mg
Sample Mass up to 300 mg


CP01 cryoPREP® Manual Dry Pulverizer User Manual

Automated cryoPREP® System User Manual

TT1 Adapter 13 mm Tube

tissueTUBEs (TT2 and TT2-P)

tissueTUBEs and Plugs (TT1, TT1-XT and TT1-P)



The Yin-Yang of Sample Preparation: Reagent optimization for maximal yield, activity, and preservation of biomarkers using Adaptive Focused Acoustics®(AFA®)

Robust pre-analytical sample preparation process preserves the accuracy and fidelity of protein phosphorylation states

High-throughput High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction from Human Tissues for Long-read Sequencing

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