TipNovus 96Short- Washer Dryer w/ Built-in Sonication + UV Sanitation




TipNovus™ is a bench-top, automated, high-throughput washing device that enables labs to wash and sterilize contaminated pipette tips in large quantities for reuse. TipNovus offers labs a choice to reuse plastic pipette tips several times, cutting associated consumable costs anywhere from 50-90%. TipNovus’ unique method of wash and sterilization is safe for both the user and the environment.

  • High Throughput Automated Tip Washer
  • Compatible with Manual and Automation Tips
  • System Throughput put of 16 – 24 Tip Racks per Hour
  • Average Cost Savings of $112 – $168 per hour

Pipette Tip Compatibility: Hamilton, Tecan, Beckman, Rainin, Integra, Janus, VWR, Eppendorf, Biomek, Bravo, Axygen, Caliper, TomTec, Beckman Coulter, Neptune, PerkinElmer, BioExcell

See the TipNovus Washer Dryer in action

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