TAG-1™ Tissue Fixative


Size: 10x 40ml cups + 30ml fill


TAG-1™ is a Class 1 general reagent pursuant to 21 CFR 864.4010 designed to directly replace formalin for tumor tissue fixation.

TAG-1 is non-toxic, odorless, does not crosslink proteins, and is designed to improve the quantity and quality of DNA, RNA, and cellular proteins compared to FFPE tissue, while providing excellent cellular morphology, staining, IHC and FISH test pathology results.

Features and Benefits:

Designed to be used for storage and transport of fresh tissues, or a
direct replacement for formalin in tissue processing
Use the same lab protocols as formalin in tissue processing
Designed to optimize molecular tests, excellent for molecular assays such as DNA-seq, RNA-seq, FISH, etc.
A non-toxic tissue fixative
No protein crosslinking, designed to better preserve tissue morphology
Unique formulation with wide IP protection

*Minimum Order Qty of 100 Liters for the Bulk option



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