Sugar Sheet Copy Paper

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8.5" x 11" 20lb 92 White - 500 sheets/Ream - 10 Reams/Case

Environmental Benefits of Sugar Sheet Paper:

  • No trees ARE USED for production.
  • Reduced release of greenhouse gas emissions and water usage during manufacturing process compared to wood fiber papers.
  • ISO9001, 14001 and 45001 Certified.
  • BLI Laboratory 99.9% Jam-Free Certified.
  • Every two cases of Sugar Sheet™ copy paper saves 29.2 kg of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Every two cases of Sugar Sheet™ copy paper saves one tree.


What is A Sugar sheet?

Sugar Sheet Copy Paper is made using the residue waste fibre of sugar cane after the cane stock has been harvested for; juices, alcohol, sugars and bio-fuel. The remaining waste fibre called bagasse is used to manufacture Sugar Sheet Copy Paper. Sugar Sheet Paper is fully recyclable like traditional wood fibre paper and fully compostable. Additionally, bagasse bio-fuels are also used to power the manufacturing of Sugar Sheet Paper.


  • An average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.
  • 1 ton of non-coated, not recycled office/print paper requires approximately 24 trees for production.
  • More than 200 million trees are cut down daily to make paper.
  • This means that a tree is cut down every 2.5 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Sugar Sheet™ copy paper made from if you don’t use any trees?

Sugar Sheet™ is made from sugar cane fibre called bagasse. Bagasse is the residue waste fibre remaining after sugar cane has been harvested for juice, sugar alcohol and biofuel. The remaining waste fibre called bagasse is used to manufacture Sugar Sheet Paper. Sugar cane and bagasse are also renewable resources that can be harvested 2-3 times per year.

Does Sugar Sheet™ Copy Paper cost more than paper made from trees, and do I have to sacrifice paper quality or performance?

No, Sugar Sheet Paper™ is competitively priced to ensure customers do not pay a premium for the added value of protecting the environment. Sugar Sheet Paper™ looks, feels and performs to the same quality standards as paper made from trees.

Is Sugar Sheet™ copy paper recyclable?

Yes! Sugar Sheet Paper™ can be recycled in traditional recycling systems along with paper made from trees. Sugar Sheet™ is also biodegradable and compostable.

Can I use Sugar Sheet™ copy paper in any printer or copier?

Yes, Sugar Sheet Paper™ is equipment manufacturer certified for runnability and performance quality. Sugar Sheet Paper™ is also BLI 99.9% Jam Free Certified. BLI is a trusted independent authority providing lab testing and reviews on office paper on multifunction devices such as; copiers, printers, and scanners. Sugar Sheet Paper™ also supplies and supports Xerox, Ricoh, HP and Cannon print centers across Canada.

How is Sugar Sheet™ copy paper bleached?

Sugar Sheet™ is ECF (elemental chlorine free), meaning chlorine dioxide is used instead of elemental chlorine and sodium hypochlorite in the bleaching process, reducing the toxic effect on the environment.

Can I print double-sided copies?

Absolutely! We recommend you print double–sided.

Where is Sugar Sheet™ copy paper made?

Sugar Sheet Paper is manufactured in collaboration with our paper mill partner in South America. Our Mill is in a historical agricultural farming region providing close proximity to an abundant sugar cane supply. This helps to streamline truck transportation of bagasse raw material required to produce Sugar Sheet Paper.Sugar Sheet Paper is produced at a Paper Mill that is internationally recognized for quality control, environmental management, social purpose and maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and employment standards. Sugar Sheet Paper Mill Certifications include: ISO 9001 is a set of five quality management systems standards recognized internationally. ISO 9001 Standards help organizations ensure they meet customer and other stakeholder needs for product quality and product performance ISO 14001 certified to ensure standards for environmental management to minimize environmental impact ISO 45011, ensuring international standards for occupational health and safety and fair living wage for all employees Sugar Sheet Paper’s Mill is also active in supporting local South American communities building hospitals and schools that provide medical assistance and medicine to thousands of patients annually and providing education and training to children and adults.

Doesn’t it take a lot of energy to ship it by ocean?

No. Compared to shipping by truck, rail and air freight, ocean freight is significantly more energy efficient for moving large volumes of product. Sugar Sheet Paper is shipped to the closest port of entry to avoid long truck or rail hauls across Canada.

Who uses Sugar Sheet™ copy paper now?

Sugar Sheet™ is proudly used by many leading companies across Canada, various divisions of municipal, provincial and federal government, thousands of small to medium size businesses, as well as leading environmental organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation.

What environmental savings are achieved using Sugar Sheet™ copy paper compared to traditional paper made from trees?

TruCost, a global leader in environmental research conducted a 2017 Life Cycle Assessment on Sugar Sheet™ copy paper and concluded that compared to virgin fibre paper from trees: Every two boxes of Sugar Sheet™ copy paper save one tree Every two boxes of Sugar Sheet™ copy paper save 29.2 kg of greenhouse gas emissions

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