Seraseq® TNA (DNA/RNA) WT Mix

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Molecular assays that profile tumor mutations in solid tissue biopsies require an efficient and precise evaluation of the pre-analytic portion of their workflow prior to downstream analysis by NGS or other methods. The use of contrived reference material or cell line-based control provides a critical input to the optimization of nucleic acid extraction from very challenging FFPE tissue materials without wasting precious mutation-positive tissue samples.


We have developed two formats of total nucleic acid (TNA) derived from GM24385 human cell line as negative sample reference materials for use in targeted NGS assays. The cell line is applied as the WT background in all existing Seraseq tumor DNA and RNA products. As a negative reference material, we have extracted DNA and RNA from GM24385 as a buffered mix (TNA WT) as well as a formalin fixed and paraffin embedded option (FFPE curls) to support labs validating assay specificity at wildtype base positions, as well as specificity at positions affected by mutations included in all of the Seraseq RNA and DNA (Mutation Mix and Reference Material) products.


  • Cell line-based negative (WT) sample reference material
  • Offered as purified and ready-to-use RNA and DNA (up to 1 µg) in targeted NGS assay workflows
  • Well characterized GM 24385 wild-type human cell line material
  • Manufactured in GMP-compliant ISO 13485 certified facility


Size : 2 x 20 µl

Unit : EA


Product Specifications - Total Nucleic Acid
Concentration 2 x 25 ng/ul
Fill Volume 2 x 20 µ1
DNA Size 500 ng
RNA Size 500 ng


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