Seraseq® FFPE NTRK Fusion RNA Reference Material

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Neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinases (NTRK) can become abnormally fused to other genes resulting in growth signals that can lead to cancer in many organs of the human body. Anti-tumor drugs that target NTRK fusions have been shown to be largely effective across many tumor types regardless of patient age (adult or pediatric), especially in locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors. This product expands SeraCare's RNA Fusion FFPE reference material product portfolio to support routine clinical diagnostic / companion diagnostic (CDx) use for solid tumor testing of tissue biopsies for NTRK fusion genes in cancer disease diagnosis and treatment selection.

  • 15 clinically-relevant NTRK fusion genes in a single reference sample
  • Offered as FFPE for full process assay (NGS or PCR) workflow monitoring and patient testing
  • Fusions precisely quantitated with digital PCR
  • Well-characterized GM24385 human genomic RNA as background wild-type material
  • Manufactured in GMP-compliant and ISO 13485-certified facilities



Varaiant List
Fusion RNA 5' Partner 3' Partner HGVS Name
TPM3-NTRK1 TPM3 exon 7 NTRK1 exon 9 TPM3{ENST00000368533}:r.1_717_NTRK1{ENST00000392302}:r.1262_2609
LMNA-NTRK1 LMNA exon 11 NTRK1 exon 11 LMNA {ENST00000368299}:r.1:2015_NTRK1{ENST00000392302}:r.1318_2609
IRF2BP2-NTRK1 IRF2BP2 exon 1 NTRK1 exon 9 IRF2BP2{ENST00000366609}:r.1_1079_NTRK1{ENST00000392302}:r.1262_2609
SQSTM1-NTRK1 SQSTM1 exon 5 NTRK1 exon 9 SQSTM1{ENST00000389805}:r.1_932_NTRK1{ENST00000392302}:r.1262_2609
exon 5
NTRK1 exon 9 TFG{ENST00000240851}:r.1_920_NTRK1{ENST00000392302}:r.1262_2609
AFAP1-NTRK2 AFAP1 exon 14 NTRK2 exon 10* AFAP1{ENST00000420658.1}:r.1_2170_NTRK2{ENST00000376214}:r.2098_5608
NACC2-NTRK2 NACC2 exon 4 NTRK2 exon 11* NACC2{ENST00000371753}:r.1_1314_NTRK2{ENST00000376214}:r.2134_5608
exon 6
NTRK2 exon 14* QKI{ENST00000361752}:r.1_1485_NTRK2{ENST00000376214}:r.2383_5608
TRIM24-NTRK2 TRIM24 exon 12 NTRK2 exon 13* TRIM24{ENST00000343526}:r.1_2229_NTRK2{ENST00000376214}:r.2335_5608
PAN3-NTRK2 PAN3 exon 1 NTRK2 exon 15* PAN3{ENST00000380958}:r.1_582_NTRK2{ENST00000376214}:r.2572_5608
ETV6-NTRK3 ETV6 exon 5 NTRK3 exon 14 ETV6{ENST00000396373}:r.1_1283_NTRK3{ENST00000394480}:r.1719_19984
ETV6-NTRK3 ETV6 exon 5 NTRK3 exon 15 ETV6{ENST00000396373}:r.1_1283_NTRK3{ENST00000394480}:r.1908_19984
ETV6-NTRK3 ETV6 exon 4 NTRK3 exon 15 ETV6{ENST00000396373}:r.1_737_NTRK3{ENST00000394480}:r.1908_19984
ETV6-NTRK3 ETV6 exon 4 NTRK3 exon 14 ETV6{ENST00000396373}:r.1_737_NTRK3{ENST00000394480}:r.1719_19984
BTBD1-NTRK3 BTBD1 exon 4 NTRK3 exon 14 BTBD1{ENST00000261721}:r.1_1065_NTRK3{ENST00000394480}:r.1719_19984

*NTRK2 has multiple splice isoforms which makes exon numbering challenging. These numbers correspond to Transcript: NTRK2-201 ENST00000277120.7.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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