RNA Cultured cell HC Kit




Our QuickGene RNA Cultured Cell Kit, which is optimized for isolating high-quality, high-yield total RNA from 3 to 15 x 106 cells grown in suspension, is used in our automated QuickGene-810 and manual QuickGene-Mini80 workflows. This kit is designed for extraction of total RNA from a number of cells corresponding to the 6-10cm dish (3 to 15 x 106 cells grown in suspension can be used).


Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin, membrane-based, polymer kit that does not require centrifugation or vacuum
  • High molecular weight due to gentle, positive air pressure, minimizing shearing
  • Faster workflow in comparison to a standard manual kit or bench-top model
  • Purified, high-quality total RNA suitable for RT-PCR, Northern blot analysis, and other downstream applications



Main Sample Type: Cultured cells

Processing: Automated on our QuickGene-810 or manually on our QuickGene-Mini80

Sample Amount: 3 to 15 x 106 cells grown in suspension (6-10cm dish)

Technology: QuickGene ultra-thin, polymer membrane with gentle, positive air pressure

Time/Run: 15-20mins

Elution: 50-100μl



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