PurePrep TTR

MolgenSKU: MOL-MGTT2001



The PurePrep TTR is a high throughput automated liquid handling device that transfers liquid fast, accurately, and consistently from tubes to Deep Well microtiter plates. Both the tubes and plates are equipped with barcodes read by scanners to track and trace samples throughout the complete workflow. This system is developed to decrease the hands-on time, increase the lab’s accuracy, reduce contamination risks by decapping and capping tubes, and transfer samples from the tubes to plates. It is optimized for processing PurePrep TL+ samples.

The PurePrep TTR is recommended for large-scale laboratories with high-throughput processes.

The TTR is part of a complete workflow.

  • 96 wells/ 500 μL
  • High-throughput process speed of up to 320 tubes per hour
  • Pipetting by air displacement
  • Fully automated processing
  • Sensors monitor every step in the process to ensure safe and accurate processing
  • The run can be resumed after any interruption (door open, emergency stop, or power failure).
  • Optimized dual-arm design with an accurate and consistent and liquid transfer
  • Lack of system liquid further prevents potential contamination
  • Barcode scanning ensures full track-and-trace of samples and plate positions throughout the workflow
  • Can process tubes with swabs
  • Air displacement enables unlimited volume control

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