PurePrep Leaf

MolgenSKU: MOL-OE00240960

Size: (10 * 96)


The PurePrep Leaf kit is intended for manual and automated DNA and RNA extraction from plant samples. This kit is optimized to extract DNA from various plant samples such as sugar, beet, wheat, maize, sunflower, tomato, pepper, cucumber, rose, etc. The processing time for 96 samples is 30 minutes. The kit extracts DNA with the highest purity and works well with plant leaf samples rich in secondary metabolites. This kit has a high DNA yield and purity and suitable for many genomic applications such as SNP genotyping and DNA sequencing.

The kit can be used on the PurePrep 96 and PurePrep 32. This kit is also compatible with similar systems or on other automated DNA purification instruments.

96 wells/ 500 μL


  • Suitable for small, medium and high-throughput automation;
  • Small elution volumes;
  • Scalable for different sample volumes;
  • Short protocols, complete processing at room temperature possible (after sample lysis);
  • For seed samples, Lysis Buffer PL can be exchanged with Lysis Buffer VG, offering a flexible solution for both sample types in a single extraction run.

Easy to Automate

  • Minimal accessory requirements;
  • PurePrep 32/96 protocols available;
  • Compatible with most liquid handling robots;
  • Various magnetic separators available;


  • High reproducibility;
  • Good DNA integrity;
  • Efficient removal of PCR inhibitors.

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