PierceASeal Foil - Sterile Roll 610M x 78mm

iST ScientificSKU: IST-106-078SR



Pierceable foil seal with good solvent resistance

Pierceable heat sealing foil which has a high solvent resistance. This seal is resealable, suitable for PCR, compound storage and sample shipping.

  • Heat sealing offers a 100% effective method of plate sealing, for complete seal integrity, as well as being quick and cost effective
  • PierceASeal Foil is compatible with polypropylene and polystyrene plates
  • This seal demonstrates good solvent resistance and can be used for low temperature and room temperature compound storage in DMSO and organic solvents
  • PierceASeal Foil can be pierced with a pipette tip manually, or by a liquid handling robot
  • This seal can be resealed by applying another PierceASeal Foil seal straight on top of a previously pierced seal
  • This seal is available as sheets, for use with manual and semi-automated sealers, such as our HeatASeal 500 Sealing Machine
  • Also available in multiple roll formats compatible with specified automated heat sealers, such as our Wasp or Chameleon XT
  • A green dotted line on the sheet foils clearly indicates the non-sealing surface, for ease of seal orientation and handling



  • Seals polypropylene and polystyrene plates
  • Suitable for long term storage


Key Features:

  • Pierceable
  • Resealable
  • Seal integrity range: -20 °C to -80 °C
  • Good solvent resistance
  • Autoclavable (121 °C)



IST-106-078SR                 1 Roll, 610m x 78mm – sterile


Compatible Equipments:

Compatible with 78mm Rolls – Wasp, Chameleon XT, Kube, Flexiseal, ThermoALPS5000, REMP (PHS)

Compatible with 115mm Rolls – Agilent V11 PlateLoc, REMP (LHS/SHS)

Compatible with Sheets – HeatASeal 500, Efly2, Kseal, 4s2

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