LTS™ Compatible, Sterile, Low Retention, Filter 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/pack

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OxfordSKU: OXF-LTR-1000-SLF

Size: 1000ul
$90.35 $139


  • LTR Pipette Tips are manufactured using a swiss-made mold. The mold is diamond-finished to ensure that the features are fully and carefully constructed.

  • BenchMate LTR Pipette Tips are designed to have an easy and secure attachment. The tip seal requires minimal force but securely attaches to the pipette.

  • Oxford Lab Products requires strict Quality Control and Assurance procedures to ensure that tips are manufactured to a high standard.

  • BenchMate LTR PIpette Tips are avaialble as sterile, low-retention, filtered tips to offer optimal pipetting performance.

  • LTR Pipette Tips are designed to fit LTS or XLS Rainin Pipettes

  • The tip design includes an ultra fine point that guarantees additional accuracy, precision, and consistency.

  • Free of RNase, DNase, Cytotoxins, PCR Inhbitors, Endotoxins, and Pyrogens

  • Internal surface is coated with a contaminant-free hydrophobic resin to ensure optimal liquid delivery.

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