Nadia Instrument

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Nadia takes scRNA-Seq to the next level by using automation and flexibility to generate high quality reproducible single cell data

The Nadia Instrument is an automated, microfluidic droplet-based platform for single cell research that encapsulates up to 8 samples, in parallel, in under 20 mins. Over 50,000 single cells can be captured per cartridge in a run. The fully automated Nadia Instrument guides users through all relevant steps of the experiment via an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Adding the Nadia Innovate upgrade to the Nadia Instrument transforms it into an open system, for the development of novel protocols and applications.

  • Automation: Fully automated sample encapsulation.
  • Ease of use: Automatic detection of application-specific cartridges, touch screen interface and sample loading guide lights.
  • Scalability: Processing capability of up to 8 samples in parallel.
  • Temperature control: Automated sample chilling to maintain transcriptome state.
  • Single use cartridge: Disposable cartridges with no wetted parts to avoid cross contamination.
  • Truly single cell: Ultra low cell doublet rates due to gentle cell agitation

Techniques such as high throughput scRNASeq offer the unique capability of obtaining qualitative and quantitative transcriptome information from single cells. With this technology, single cells from heterogenous samples, including cultured cells, biopsies, blood and other tissues, can be rapidly profiled for quantification of gene expression and identification of specific cells or cell sub-types.

The Nadia instrument is an automated microfluidic system that can run 1, 2, 4 or 8 cell samples, in parallel, in under 20 minutes. During the run, single cells are encapsulated in microfluidic droplets with mRNA capture beads. Over 50,000 single cells can be captured per cartridge in a run. After sequencing, this enables detailed profiling of large heterogeneous cell populations.

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