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Nadia Innovate – enabling the development of custom single cell methods

Using Dolomite Bio’s core pressure-controlled microfluidics technology, Nadia Innovate enables the development of user-defined single cell protocols and applications. Newly developed protocols can be transferred to the Nadia Instrument for high throughput parallel operation. By allowing users to control parameters such as droplet size, droplet frequency, temperature, agitation and timing, innovation is unlocked.

  • Flexibility: Open configurable system to develop new protocols and applications.
  • Transferable: Following optimization, experimental conditions can be transferred and run on the Nadia Instrument.
  • Rapid protocol optimization: User-defined adjustment of droplet size, frequency, droplet components, temperature, and agitation.
  • Easy process visualization: High-speed microscope and camera for real-time observation of droplet formation.
  • Flexible PC software: Easy-to-use software to control the Nadia Innovate and create, change, test, and save new protocols.

Nadia Innovate has been designed specifically to meet the needs of biologists who want to develop and validate new protocols and applications in single cell research. These needs include ease of use, flexibility to control all aspects of droplet formation, low cost, high throughput and maximum performance.

Nadia Innovate uses the Nadia Instrument as the core pressure controller and provides a workstation for development and test of new protocols on a single Nadia chip. Once validated, the protocols can be uploaded and executed on the Nadia Instrument running 1, 2, 4, or 8 chips in parallel.

  • Transforms the Nadia Instrument into an open system, for the development of new protocols and applications
  • Allows users to use their own reagents and develop new processes
  • Single runs can be optimized with full, real time visualization of dropletization
  • Optimized protocols and applications can then be run automatically with Nadia Innovate cartridges for 1, 2, 4, or 8 samples in parallel

Nadia Innovate requires a Nadia Instrument, which provides system control and protocol transfer functions.

  • Integrated temperature control from 4 – 40°C
  • Ability to visualise droplet formation at the Nadia Chip junction
  • Option of viewing of the whole Nadia Chip from underneath when used with the microscope in inverted mode
  • Integrated gentle stirring of the 2 aqueous reservoirs to ensure that particles, e.g. cells and beads, remain evenly suspended throughout the run resulting in consistent encapsulation
  • Precise pressure control of 3 independent channels up to 1 bar to ensure greatest flexibility and quality of droplet formation
  • High speed camera and microscope allows imaging and capture of droplet formation
  • Use single chips on the Nadia Innovate module to optimize protocol, then run 2, 4 or 8 samples in parallel




Application Notes:

Encapsulation of Cell

Encapsulation of deformable beads

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