5K kit PurePrep Pathogen DGX (5K preps)

MolgenSKU: MOL-OE0038005K



We offers PurePrep Pathogens DGX to meet the high demand for high-quality CE-IVD certified products that serve laboratories working in the area of human diagnostics. Developed and globally marketed as an advanced molecular total solution for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, this extraction kit is validated for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic workflows and PurePrep Pathogens DGX can be automated with most common viral extraction systems and liquid handling robots. Further defining its beneficial differentiation is its ability to achieve fast magnetic separation which is made possible due to the strong magnetic beads that are included within. Additionally, PurePrep Pathogens DGX makes it possible for researchers to extract high yields of purified, high-quality viral RNA from either swab or saliva samples.

  • Validated for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic workflows
  • High yields of purified RNA
  • Short protocols
  • Fast magnetic separation due to strong magnetic beads
  • Can be automated with most common extraction systems and liquid handling robots
  • Sample types include: swab samples & saliva


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