Protino GST/4B Columns 1 mL

Macherey-NagelSKU: MN-745510.1

Size: 1


Best choice for cost effective GST-tag protein purification

Application Purification of GST-tag proteins
Target Protein
CE certified No, research use only
Technology Affinity chromatography
Chelating ligand Glutathione, linked via sulfur atom
Brand Protino
Format FPLC columns
Handling MPLC, FPLC, peristaltic pump, or syringe
Automated use No
Sample material Protein solution
Matrix 4 % beaded agarose
Bead size 90 µm
Theoretical binding capacity 10 mg
Recommended linear flow rate 4 mL/min
Max linear flow rate 250 cm/h
Chemical stability 0.1 M acetate, pH 4, 0.1 M NaOH, 70 % ethanol, or 6 M guanidine hydrochloride
Storage temperature 4−8 °C
Shelf life (from production) 24 Month(s)
Scope of delivery Protino GST/4B FPLC columns (1 mL)
Hazardous material No



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