Protino Ni-IDA 1000 packed columns

Macherey-NagelSKU: MN-745160.5

Size: 5


Solution for good ratio of His-tag protein yield and purity in Midi format



Application Purification of His-tag proteins
Target Protein
CE certified No, research use only
Technology Immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography
Chelating ligand IDA (iminodiacetic acid)
Brand Protino
Format Midi prep
Package unit 5 Prep(s), 50 Prep(s)
Handling Gravity flow
Automated use No
Sample material Protein solution
Matrix Macroporous silica
Bed volume 500 µL
Theoretical binding capacity 5 mg
Storage temperature 15−25 °C
Shelf life (from production) 27 Months
Hazardous material Yes




Purification Guide

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