NucleoMag cfDNA

Macherey-NagelSKU: MN-744550.1

Size: (1x48)


Flexible magnetic bead based purification of cell-free DNA from 1–10 mL blood plasma



Application Isolation of cfDNA
Target DNA
CE certified No, research use only
Technology Magnetic bead technology
Brand NucleoMag
Format Magnetic beads
Package unit 48 Prep(s), 192 Prep(s)
Handling Magnetic separation
Automated use Yes
Sample material Cell-free BCT (Streck), Plasma, Serum
Sample amount 1−10 mL
Fragment size > 50 bp
Typical yield Depending on amount and quality of sample
Theoretical binding capacity 0.3 µg/µL beads
Typical purity A260/A280 1.6–1.9
Elution volume 50–200 µL
Preparation time 60 min/24 preps (excl. lysis)
Typical downstream application ddPCR, NGS, qPCR
Storage temperature 18–25 °C




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