NucleoMag DNA/RNA Water

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Flexible magnetic bead based isolation of DNA and RNA from water and air samples



Application Isolation of RNA and DNA
Target DNA
CE certified No, research use only
Technology Magnetic bead technology
Brand NucleoMag
Format Magnetic beads
Package unit 96 Prep(s), 384 Prep(s)
Handling Magnetic separation
Automated use Yes
Sample material Air, Water
Sample amount 10–1000 mL
Fragment size 300 bp–approx. 50 kbp
Typical yield Depending on amount and quality of sample
Theoretical binding capacity 0.4 µg/µL beads
Elution volume 50–250 µL
Preparation time 40–120 min/96 preps (excl. lysis)
Typical downstream application Next Generation Sequencing, qPCR, RT-PCR
Storage temperature 15−25 °C
Shelf life (from production) 24 Months
Hazardous material Yes






Support Protocols:

viral nucleic acid isolation from water samples

sample concentration for viral nucleic acids from water


Technical Notes:

Viral nucleic acid isolation from wastewater samples

INNOVAPREP wastewater concentration

SARS-CoV-2 extraction from wastewater concentrated with Nanotrap Magnetic Virus Particles


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NucleoMag DNA/RNA water

Isolation of RNA and DNA

The NucleoMag DNA/RNA Water enables manual or automated detection of either DNA, RNA, or both molecules in parallel from a range of water samples, spanning from turbid to clear, as well as from air filters. Simultaneous detection of DNA and RNA in the same sample enables fast and accurate determination of presence of total microbes (through DNA) and living microorganisms (through RNA) in the same sample. This makes NucleoMag DNA/RNA Water ideal for microbial metagenomics, environmental microbiology as well as for estimation of water quality though determination of the microbial load of the sample.

Automated and manual purification of DNA and RNA from filters

NucleoMag DNA/RNA Water can be processed either manually in combination with our NucleoMag SEP Mini or on many liquid handling platforms.

Compatibility with different filtration systems
NucleoMag DNA/RNA Water is compatible with a variety of filters and filtration systems, including conventional round filters from various materials as well as with cartridge filters (such as Sterivex).

Compatibility with different filtration systems

A qPCR was performed with nucleic acids isolated from round filters, and a filtration cartridge system, demonstrating reliable results across different filtration systems.

Various water samples can be processed with NucleoMag DNA/RNA Water.
DNA and RNA can be extracted from a range of water samples, spanning from turbid to clear, as well as from air filters.

Efficient detection for different water, and air samples
Various water samples, and an air sample were filtered, and the extracted DNA was analyzed by PCR. Microbial DNA could be efficiently measured for all of the samples, demonstrating the versatility of the NucleoMag DNA / RNA Water kit.

Research Use Only

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