NucleoSpin VET

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The proven magnetic bead-based NucleoMag VET kit gets its little brother: Releasing a new silica-membrane based kit for the isolation of viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA from diverse veterinary sample specimens.
With this new product, we are expanding our existing product range for veterinary diagnostic use. For the first time, we offer a single spin, silica membrane-based solution for the extraction of pathogenic nucleic acids from a wide variety of veterinary relevant sample materials, like serum, plasma, cell-free biological fluids, animal whole blood, tissue, swabs, milk and feces.

The versatile range of applications brings maximum flexibility to your daily laboratory routine and allows the processing of a wide variety of sample materials using the same standard protocol after sample pretreatment. Plus maximum speed: The FastTrack protocol for low complex sample materials allows nucleic acid extraction within 20 minutes!

Product features

• One size fits all – highest flexibility for various veterinary sample types
• One standard protocol for all specimen matrices after sample pretreatment
• 20 min FastTrack protocol for low complexity sample matrices
• Validated for serum, plasma, cell-free biological fluids, animal whole blood, tissue, swabs, feces
• Efficient removal of inhibitors and contaminants
• Highest recovery and sensitivity even when working with difficult sample matrices (e.g. tissue or fatty raw milk) or with samples of low viral titers
• Compatible with all common downstream analysis methods like (RT)-qPCR or NGS
• Carrier RNA, liquid Proteinase K, tubes for lysis, elution and waste collection included

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Silica membrane kit for isolation of viral and bacterial nucleic acids from veterinary samples

Preparation Time 20-40 min
Sample Material Animal tissue, Blood, Cell-free biological fluid, Plasma, Serum, Stool, Swabs
Automated Use No
Package Unit 10/50/250 Prep(s)
Application Isolation and purification of animal pathogen nucleic acids from veterinary materials
CE certified No, research use only
Technology Silica membrane technology
Brand NucleoSpin
Format Mini prep
Handling Centrifugation
Sample amount < 200 µL serum, plasma, cell-free biological fluids, 100 μL blood, 5–10 mg tissue, one dry or wet swab, or approx. 100 mg feces
Fragment size 100 bp−approx. 50 kbp
Theoretical binding capacity 25 µg
Typical downstream application enzymatic reactions, NGS, qPCR, qRT−PCR
Storage temperature 15−25 °C
Shelf life (from production) 27 Months
Hazardous material Yes


Nucleic acid extraction of/for:
Monitoring of companion animal and livestock genetic traits and conditions, ruminants, equine, avian, swine, companion animals, wildlife animals, genotyping, veterinary epidemiology, animal pathogen detection, disease surveilance, african swine fewer, classical swine fever virus , bovine viral diarrhea virus, avian Influenza virus, bluetongue disease virus, Schmallenberg orthobunyavirus, Staphylococcus species, Campylobacter species, Bartonella species, Leptospira species, Salmonellosis species, Chlamydia species, ....

Instruction Manual

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