M220 Holder XTU

CovarisSKU: COV-500414



This holder is designed for use with the M220 Focused-ultrasonicator. It requires M220 Holder XTU Insert microTUBE 130 µl (product 500489), M220 Holder XTU Insert microTUBE 15 µl (product 500420), M220 Holder XTU Insert microTUBE 50 µl (product 500488), or M220 Holder XTU Insert milliTUBE 1 ml (product 500422).



Covaris DNA Shearing Verification Kit (PN 520120)



15µl DNA Shearing with microTUBE-15

Microbiome Samples: Reveal the Hidden Diversity Using Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®)


Application Notes:

Simplifying ChIP from Primary Cells and Clinical Samples for High-throughput Epigenetic Applications

Large-scale analysis of histone marks and transcription factor interactions uses high-quality chromatin, use of validated ChIP-grade antibodies, and optimized reagents to produce meaningful results.  Learn More

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