RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit for Gram Positive Bacteria (G+)


Size: 24 preps


RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kits enables removal of ribosomal RNA from total RNA and are compatible with all random primed Library Prep Kits such as the CORALL Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit (Cat. No. 095)  or adapter ligation protocols such as the Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit (Cat. No. 052, 058) for whole transcriptome sequencing.

RiboCop is available for Human/Mouse/Rat (HMR, Cat. No. 144), for Human/Mouse/Rat plus Globin (HMR+Globin, Cat. No. 145), and for Bacteria (Cat. No. 125 – 127). 

RiboCop kits are available as stand-alone kits in different sizes (24 and 96 preps) as well as in a combination of RiboCop for Human/Mouse/Rat (HMR or HMR+Globin) with the CORALL Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit (Cat. No. 146 or 147). RiboCop for Bacteria is available with three optimized Probe Mixes for depletion of rRNA from mixed bacterial samples (META, Cat. No. 125) or from Gram negative or Gram positive bacteria (G- or G+, Cat. No. 126 and 127, respectively) grown in monoculture.


Features and Application:

  • Analysis of non-coding RNA
  • Gene expression analysis
  • RNA library preparation and sequencing (e.g., CORALL Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit or Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit)


Kit Content:

  • Probe Mixes, Buffers, and Purification Beads

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