SLAMseq Explorer Kit - S4U Incorporation Module, 24 preps





The SLAMseq Explorer Kit – S4U Incorporation Module (Cat. No. 060) is used to measure the efficiency of S4U incorporation into newly synthesized RNA. The kit enables labeling of cells with 4-Thiouridine (S4U) and provides additional reagents required for stabilizing S4U-labeled RNA during RNA isolation, digestion of RNA to single nucleosides, and standards for HPLC analysis.

The kit is sufficient for analysis of S4U incorporation in 24 samples in total.


Features and Application:

  • Label newly synthesized RNA with S4U
  • Prepare total RNA for HPLC analysis
  • Measure S4U uptake and incorporation rates using HPLC analysis


Compatibility information:

  • Cell suspensions
  • Adherent cells
  • 3D-scaffold cell cultures
  • 24-well format (up-scaling and down-scaling of culture volumes is possible)
  • Reverse phase HPLC analyses


Kit Content:

  • Reagent Box
  • User Guide




Data Analysis

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