SLAMseq Explorer Kit - Cell Viability Titration Module, 24 preps




The SLAMseq Explorer Kit – Cell Viability Titration Module is used for optimization of RNA labeling experiments using 4-Thiouridine (S4U). With this kit, cell viability can be assessed over a series of S4U concentrations for experimental durations up to 24 hours.

The Cell Viability Titration Module can be used to determine both cell viability limits (i.e., toxicity) and optimal concentrations (IC10ti) for the cell type and experimental duration of choice. The provided solutions enable evaluation of eleven S4U concentrations in duplicate in a 24-well format. Up, or down-scaling of culture volumes and or concentration dilutions is also possible.


Features and Application:

  • Assess S4U toxicity in target cell lines
  • Optimize S4U labeling concentrations


Compatibility information:

  • Cell suspensions
  • Adherent cells
  • 3D-scaffold cell cultures
  • 24-well format (up-scaling and down-scaling of culture volumes is possible)


Kit Content:

  • Reagent Box
  • User Guide




Data Analysis

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