IsoPure Mini

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IsoPure Mini Nucleic Acid Extraction System

The IsoPure Mini is an automated platform for magnetic bead-based DNA/RNA extraction with a minimal benchtop footprint. Capable of processing up to 16 samples at one time, the stand-alone instrument is easy to set up, program, and operate. Mixing, magnetic bead transfer, washing, and elution steps are performed automatically, saving valuable hands-on time. The purification process can be completed within 20 to 60 minutes depending on the type of NucleoMag kit used and the complexity of the program.

  • Fast, reliable and reproducible DNA / RNA extractions
  • Process up to 16 samples in parallel
  • Compact footprint (8" x 10")
  • Android app compatible

Method safety

The MACHEREY‑NAGEL automation specialists have developed verified methods for nucleic acid extraction from various sample materials. All protocols are freely accessible and downloadable free of charge.

Automation benefits

Automating repetitive work processes can positively influence your work in many ways. Benefit from consistent, on-time output, reproducibility, standardization, increased hands-off time, and documented data integrity!

Minimal footprint

At just 8" x 10" (approx. the size of this brochure), the IsoPure Mini has a minimal footprint and fits on any lab bench. 


The IsoPure Mini is an open platform and allows the modification of any protocol parameters to your needs (e.g. volume, temperature, mixing and magnetic separation conditions).


Creating a protocol is simple using the IsoPure Android app. Protocols created using the IsoPure app can be transferred to the instrument via Bluetooth connection. In addition, the IsoPure app can generate a protocol-specific QR code that can be easily transferred to the device using the included scanner.

Intuitive method transfer via QR code

A handheld scanner is included with each IsoPure Mini, adding a convenient and fast method for loading a protocol onto the instrument. After creating or opening a protocol on a companion Android device an option for displaying a QR code is available. Simply scan the QR code to instantly transfer the protocol.

Easy to use touchscreen interface

The touchscreen control panel on top of the IsoPure Mini allows for quick selection of stored protocols and instrument control. To execute a protocol, select it from the file list, insert a prepared sample plate and tip combs, and press the start button. Run parameters and operating status are displayed during sample processing.

Safety: UV decontamination

An ultraviolet sterilization lamp (UVC) inside the processing chamber provides effective elimination of most bacterial, viral and stray genomic DNA contaminants. This additional safeguard reduces the possibility of contamination and downstream amplification of unwanted targets.

The perfect match: 

The IsoPure Mini perfectly combines with our magnetic bead-based NucleoMag extraction solutions. We offer innovative solutions for various sample materials, target molecules and applications. 

Application notes

The IsoPure Mini is ideally suited for processing NucleoMag kits. Verified scripts and protocols are accessible free of charge for all magnetic bead-based DNA / RNA extraction kits. Contact us for the scripts. 


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