NEW DNA CleanUp Kit for 50 x 100µl samples

IsohelixSKU: CEL2-DCU-50



Isohelix™ DNA CleanUp Kit for 50 x 100µl samples

A Secondary Isolation Protocol That Further Improves the DNA Purification from Contaminated Saliva or Buccal Samples

DCU Re-Vitalises & Rescues Failed Samples Due to Poor Sampling or Non-Optimized DNA Isolation Kits

  •     Re-Claims Failed Purity Samples
  •     High Purity with 260/280 Ratios to 1.8
  •     Preserves Yields
  •     Extremely Rapid Protocol of 30 Minutes
  •     No Alcohol or Solvents Required
  •     DNA From Any Source

Nanodrop Scan Before & After DCU CleanUp




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