200 x Isohelix swabs with RapiDri Pouch and ethylene oxide treated.

IsohelixSKU: CEL2-RD-01



RapiDri Is An Easy To Use Buccal Swab That Includes a Quick Drying Pouch That Stabilizes DNA

200 x Isohelix Swab With RapiDri Pouch & Barcode, Individually Wrapped & Ethylene Oxide Treated

    Ambient Storage - No Expensive Storage or Transport
    Easy To Handle & Quick To Use
    Reduces Contamination Risk DNA-Free Components & Sealed Shipping Pouch
    Rapid Self-Stabilization for Intact DNA
    Cost Effective Integrated Solution
    Unique Matrix Maintains Integrity Long Term

With It's Pouch Acting As a Secure Transport Pack, RapiDri Is Perfect Solution For At-Home Testing




Application Notes:

RapiDri Stability

RapiDri Genotyping Heat

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