Holder milliTUBE 1 ml

CovarisSKU: COV-500371



This holder for milliTUBE 1ml for the S-Series. This includes milliTUBE 1ml (product 520128), milliTUBE 1ml AFA Fiber (product 520130), milliTUBE 1ml AFA Fiber Case (product 520131), milliTUBE 1 ml AFA Fiber (product 520135), or milliTUBE 1ml Case (product 520129).


Specifications :

Technical Specification Description
Part Number COV-500371
Instrument S220


Application Notes:

Cross-linked Yeast Chromatin Shearing on the Covaris Focused-ultrasonicator

The Broad Institute developed a cross-linked chromatin shearing protocol for yeast samples that utilizes the Covaris E210 Focused-ultrasonicator, to be used prior to immunoprecipitation. Learn More

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