50 x GFX Assisted Saliva Collectors (Includes funnel, tube filled with 1ml stabilisation buffer, 2 swabs, cap, & instruction manual)..

IsohelixSKU: CEL2-GFXA-01/50

Size: 50


Assisted GeneFiX™ DNA Saliva Collector for 12 x 1ml Samples

GFXA Is An Easy To Use Assisted DNA Saliva Collection Device That Stabilizes DNA Long Term

  • Stabilizes DNA & RNA at Room Temperature
  • Guanidinium Free Pre-Filled Stabilization Buffer
  • Optimized with GeneFix Isolation Kits
  • Includes Absorbant Swabs for Assisted Saliva Collection
  • Non Toxic - Non-Hazardous - Easy to Use
  • Unique Funnel Design Prevents Spillages or Buffer Flow Back
  • Suitable for Field, Home Use & Clinic-Based Sampling
  • Collection Tube Specified to 95kPa for Leak Proof Mailing


Swabs Included

 The GFXA Swabs Are Specifically Designed As A Safe And Non-Invasive Way To Collect Saliva Samples From Individuals That Cannot Provide It Themselves




Application Notes:
aCHG Study
MPLA Assay
MPLA Assay 2
Assisted Collection
GFX RNA 28 Days Stability


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