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For the many scientists engaged in expression analysis using RNA-seq, microarrays or qPCR, shipping samples can be a logistical and costly problem when the analysis is performed remotely at a core lab, commercial service provider or when samples are collected from multiple different sites.

Due to the labile nature of RNA, shipping samples on dry ice has become commonplace but can be expensive, inconvenient and is accompanied by the risk of loss or damage to samples in the event of shipping delays. GenTegraRNA is a complete solution for ambient shipping RNA which eliminates the need for dry ice, Styrofoam packaging and overnight shipping.


GenTegraRNA protection is near perfect.

  • At protecting your RNA when being shipped for RNAseq
  • At protecting against RNase activity
  • At protecting better than dry ice
  • At protecting your RNA in the lab for days
  • At providing superior RNAseq data
  • The perfect replacement for RNAstable™


GenTegraRNA products have a shelf life of greater than 3-years stored at room temperatures


GenTegraRNA is available in multiple packaging formats:

  • 100/0.5ml screw cap tubes
  • 96 well microplate or 96-tube rack format for larger volume applications
  • Bulk matrix with sufficient quantity for 100 samples


Evaluation kits of three tubes are available. Call or email for details.


GenTegraRNA is the best protection available for RNA while working in the laboratory or when shipping it for RNAseq. Stop worrying about your RNA going bad while it is in the lab, GenTegraRNA will protect it until you are ready to send it for RNAseq. GenTegraRNA is a water soluble, Active Chemical Protection™, that when added to RNA forms a protective matrix that preserves and protects RNA in the dry state and in the liquid state. When dry the protection is near perfect at the extremes of temperature (-80°C to +72°C) for years. The protection is unmatched when it comes to protecting against the temperatures encountered when shipping purified RNA samples. Independent studies show GenTegraRNA protection is better than shipping on dry ice. GenTegraRNA is the only dry storage product that provides immediate protection against RNase activity before drying and allows the use of all standard buffer systems. Studies prove conclusively that GenTegraRNA begins protecting your RNA the instant it is added to the RNA solution and protects RNA in liquid form for up to four days at room temperature and when dry for decades.


All GenTegraRNA products have a shelf life of >3-years at ambient temperatures.

Simple workflow suitable for all labs



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