Performa® DTR Gel Filtration Cartridges

Edge BiosystemsSKU: EDG-42453

Size: 108/pk


Performa® DTR is the original dye terminator removal product for clean-up of Sanger sequencing reactions and is available in single sample spin cartridges, and 96-well formats.

Both Optima™ DTR and Performa DTR:

  • Generate long contiguous sequence read lengths (>800 bases) with a low retest rate (average CRL is 900 or more bases)

  • Utilize a rapid, simple protocol with minimal hands-on time that allows you to process more samples for sequencing every day (only 3 steps and less than 15 minutes to complete)

  • Provide a cost-effective solution for high throughput applications and are ideal for use with robotic pipettors

  • Are available in a wide range of formats: Single sample, 8-well, 96-well short and Ultra, and 384-well formats (Ultra plates contain a greater quantity of resinin a taller column height and provide even higher sensitivity results than with short plates)

  • Do not require low temperature (4°C) storage (can be stored at ambient temperature for up to 4 weeks without affecting performance)

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