ADS™ SupreDyeTM XT Purification Kit

Edge BiosystemsSKU: EDG-160001

Size: 100 preps (2 mL)


The SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit efficiently removes unincorporated dyes and other impurities from extension products sequenced with SupreDye™ and Other prominent chemistries. This rapid procedure effectively eliminates the presence of dye-blobs, allowing for cleaner sequences and more confident signal reading. Since the procedure does not require repeated wash steps, sample loss from either long or short fragments is minimized.

Note: If SupreDye XT Purification Kit is used for purification of extension products, the samples will be directly loaded on CE without the need for resuspension.

  • Fast, reliable, reproducible
  • Effective elimination of dye-blobs
  • Simple workflow to reduce hands-on time
  • Excellent short and long fragment recovery

Kit Components: SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit contains SupreDye™ XT Purification Resin and SupreDye™ XT Purification Solution.



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