ADS CE Regeneration Kit for 3130

Edge BiosystemsSKU: EDG-150007

Size: for 3130 4 x 7 mL


ADS™ Capillary Regeneration Buffer is designed to regenerate and clean capillary arrays in ABI Sequencing Analyzer 3130 and 3730 series to extend the lifespan of arrays. It offers a quick and easy protocol to completely rejuvenate the resolution of a failing capillary separation and provides significant savings.  

  • Easy implementation
    • No capillary assembly/disassembly
  • On instrument protocol
  • Short hands-on time
  • Cost-effective

After extensive usage, capillary arrays need to be regenerated to remove debris accumulated inside the capillaries. This helps restore normal performance in the separation of extension products. Without proper regeneration, the lifetime of the capillary array can be short and the replacement cost becomes significant.

Experienced users are able to recognize the appropriate time to regenerate the capillary array based on substandard array performance such as the uneven peak space and shortened reading length. Once the array is regenerated, it will return to its optimal operating conditions. We recommend ADS™ Capillary Regeneration Kit be used after every 500 runs to keep the performance of the capillaries optimal.



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