SupreDye™ dGTP v1.0 Cycle Sequencing Kit

Edge BiosystemsSKU: EDG-061001

Size: 24 rxns


The SupreDye™ v1.0 and v3.0 dGTP Cycle Sequencing Kits are designed for sequencing G-rich templates with greater success and they are alternatives for BigDye ® dGTP  Terminator Cycle Sequencing v1.0 and v3.0, respectively.

  • Proven high-quality performance  
  • Uniform peak heights and long, high-resolution reads
  • Increased robustness for difficult to sequence templates
  • Direct, Drop-in Substitute!  
    • No change necessary in protocol, system settings, or calibrations.
    • Fully compatible with all ABI genetic analyzers

Kit Components:

  • SupreDye reaction ready sequencing premix
  • pGEM control DNA
  • M13 control primer
  • 5x sequencing buffer



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