Saliva-Mag Isolation kit

IsohelixSKU: CEL2-GSM-48

Size: 48


GSM is a Fast & Reliable Method for Medium to High Throughput Purification of DNA Samples.

  • High Binding Capacity to Maximize Sample Yields
  • High Purity & Yield for Enhanced Downstream Performance
  • Variable Sample Volumes for Flexible Methodology
  • Non-Toxic to Reduce Risk Considerations Over Other Kits
  • Makes Use of Original Tubes to Reduce Waste & Cost
  • Developed Specifically for Saliva

A fast and reliable method for medium to high throughput purification of DNA samples, achieving a fast and efficient methodology, with the maximum purity and yield required for demanding downstream applications.

Variable volumes can be processed, from a full GeneFiX™ 2ml saliva collector, to a 0.5ml saliva aliquot, allowing for flexibility and repeated sampling.

For High Throughput automated processing, the Saliva-Mag kit is suitable for use with most openly programmable automated DNA Isolation and liquid handling systems fitted




Application Notes


Optimized with GeneFix Saliva Collection Kits

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