BuccalFix stabilisation buffer bulk pack. 25ml, sufficient for stabilising 50 buccal swabs.

IsohelixSKU: CEL2-BFX-25

Title: sufficient for stabilising 50 buccal\nswabs.


BFX Fully Stabilizes the Structure & Integrity of DNA for Further Downstream Applications

50 x BuccalFix Tubes Using Sarstedt 2ml Screw Cap Tubes Pre-Filled with 0.5ml BuccalFix Stabilization Buffer
Designed to Stabilize DNA & Inhibit Cellular Activity on Buccal Swabs Long Term

  •     Stabilizes DNA Long Term
  •     Maintains DNA Structural Integrity
  •     Room Temperature Storage & Transport
  •     Compatible with Most DNA Isolation Kits


Application Notes:
2 Year Study
Stabilization Yields

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