Opti-Seal Tear-off Sealing Sheet. Bag of 100 sheets, Opti-Seal Optical Sealing Sheet, with perforation

BioplasticsSKU: BIO-157400



Opti-Seal Tear Off Sealing Sheet
Opti-Seal Optical Sealing Sheet, with perforation
Bag of 100 sheets

Opti-Seal Provides the best sealing option for EU plates and strips. The EU Opti-Seal is non pierceable and can be easily removed after the (q)PCR reaction is performed. Perforation is at each 8 strip position and so 8 or a multiple of 8 strips (e.g. 32 ) can be Teared-Off. Pressure applied by the heated lid of the thermal cycler, is needed to keep the seal well closed during thermal cycling. Opti-Seal generates superior results and is designed and tested to be used in Real-Time PCR applications.

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