AmpFi RT MasterMix

DMarkSKU: DM-AmpRT100

Size: 100 rxns


AmpFi RT MasterMix (DM - AmpRT ) ensures accurate qPCR results where contaminating gDNA would otherwise result in artificially - early Ct values. RNA samples contaminated with gDNA were reverse - transcribed for 25 min with AmpFi RT MasterMix . 1μI of RT product was then used in qPCR to assay amplification of a GAPDH target.

Store at -20°C.

AmpFi RT MasterMix was designed to perform simple, reliable, and reproducible first-strand cDNA synthesis.
Reagent components:
• AmpFi Reverse Transcriptase
• Ribonuclease Inhibitor
• Temperature-sensitive DNase,
• dNTPs,
• Oligo (dT)s and Random Primers.

Product Component Quantity
 AmpFi RT MasterMix 100 rxn (400 μl)
Nuclease-Free H2O 1.0 ml





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