AmpFi HiFi 2x MasterMix

DMarkSKU: DM-AmpHF800

Size: 800 rxns


Store at -20°C.

AmpFi HiFi 2X MasterMix elevates the current standards for specific, sensitive, robust, and high-fidelity PCR performance. This engineered polymerase is partnered with a monoclonal antibody which inhibits 5' → 3' polymerase activity and 3' → 5' exonuclease activity at room temperature allowing for highly specific Hot Start reactions. It has exceptional sensitivity and can amplify even the most difficult templates (compared to the leading competitors). Furthermore, AmpFi HiFi boasts of its ultra-high fidelity (over 1,000X less errors than Taq polymerase, representing the lowest error rate on the market, see below for more information), making it incredibly useful for a variety of PCR applications demanding high fidelity, including Next Generation Sequencing or molecular cloning.

Product Component Quantity
 AmpFi HiFi 2X MasterMix * 800 rxn (10ml)


* Buffer contains final concentration of 2 mm Mg2+.

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