AmpFi cDNA Synthesis Kit

DMarkSKU: DM-AmpSyn100

Size: 100 rxns


cDNA synthesis performance using AmpFi Reverse Transcriptase remains high in the presence of various inhibitors. lsopropanol, BugBuster,or Heparin inhibitors were added in different concentrations to an RNA sample prior to cDNA synthesis using AmpFi Reverse Transcriptase. After synthesis, 0.5-3 kb targets were amplified through PCR and visualized with a 1% agarose gel. Resistance to isopropanol was maintained up to 5% while resistance to BugBuster and Heparin was maintained beyond 10% and 0.1U/µL respectively.

Store at -20°C.

AmpFi cDNA Synthesis Kit was designed to work on the most challenging RNA samples due to its outstanding thermostability at 60-72ºC.
- High processivity and sensitivity: cDNA synthesis of full-length cDNA in half of the time of the kits in the market
- Sensitive: Reverse transcribe low abundance or degraded RNA,
- Resistance to contaminating reaction inhibitors
This kit contains a ribonuclease inhibitor, which improves oxidation resistance. It is stable even under very low concentrations of DTT (< 1 mM).
This kit provides a comprehensive set of reagents necessary to generate high quality cDNA and offers the most flexibility in respect to priming methods and reaction optimization. Both random primers and oligo(dT) are included for a choice of general priming strategies and as alternatives to gene-specific primers.

 Product Component Quantity
AmpFi Reverse Transcriptase 100 rxn (100 μl)
5X RT Buffer 400 μl
Oligo(dT) (10 μM) 100 μl
Random Primers (10 μM) 100 μl
dNTP (10 mM) 100 μl
Nuclease-Free H2O 2 x 1.0 ml



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