50 x RFX RNA Saliva Collectors (Each containing funnel, tube filled with 1ml stabilisation buffer & instructions. Supplied with 2 x 22mg proteinase K, 1 x 5ml precipitation buffer & instruction booklet).

IsohelixSKU: CEL2-RFX-01/50

Title: tube filled with 1ml stabilisation buffer & instruction manual).


The GeneFix RFX is an easy to use RNA saliva collection device that stabilizes RNA from the moment of collection for 4 weeks.

GeneFix RNA Saliva Collector for 50 x 1ml Samples

RNA Concentration in GeneFix and Alternative Collectors Over 22 Days

  •     Allows for Isolation of High Yield, High Purity RNA & DNA
  •     RNA Stabilized at Room Temperature for at Least 4 Weeks
  •     Economic, Easy to Use Integrated RNA Stabilization Buffer
  •     Compatible with Most Manual & HT Isolation Kits
  •     Unique Funnel Design Prevents Spillages or Buffer Flow Back
  •     Suitable for Field, Home Use & Clinic-Based Sampling
  •     Collection Tube Specified to 95kPa for Leak Proof Mailing
  •     Suitable for Covid-19 Research





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