Customer Service and Ordering

  • Bonnie Inniss
    Customer Service
  • Joel Somanath
    Accounting Assistant
  • Gabriel Bendavit, MD.M.Sc.
    National Applications Specialist
  • Philip Hardy-Smith, M.Sc.
    Genomics Specialist
  • Richard McElligott, M.Sc.
    Genomic Specialist - Eastern Canada
  • Furquan Shaheen
    Genomics Specialist -Western Canada

Service and Repairs

  • Kevin Dass
    Social Media and Marketing Assistant |Service Technician|

Marketing and Management

  • Bhavyasri Vennapusa, M.Tech, CAPM
    Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Pauline Fung, M.Sc.
    Sales Operations Manager
  • Leah Sullivan
    Operations Manager
  • Tonya Walker
    Senior Accountant
  • Jeffrey Seitz
    Vice President
  • Duane Mendis, Ph.D.
    General Manager
  • Sharmila Mendis