FlexDrop iQ Non-contact Dispenser

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The FlexDrop iQ Non-Contact Dispenser provides rapid, consistent, and flexible dispensing from up to 96-source positions into 96, 384, or 1536 well plates with a dead volume of less than 1 μL. 

  • Non-contact dispensing- eliminate carryover and cross-contamination
  • Dead volume < 1µL- conserve valuable reagents in (i.e.) NGS or qPCR assays
  • 8 nL to mL dispense volume range, 80 uL max volume FlexDrop source plates
  • Fast- dispense 10 nL into 96 wells in 10 seconds, into 384 wells in 20 seconds
  • Smart - Simultaneously dispense from 1 to 8 wells (a column) to 96, 384 or 1536 well plates
  • Built-in droplet verification- verify liquid was dispensed
  • Multiple Liquid classes- including aqueous, DMSO (up to 100%), glycerol (up to 50%)
  • Automation compatible

The FlexDrop iQ platform uses positive pressure in eight independent controlled channels. Each channel can dispense up to 100 droplets per second. It generates droplets between 8 nanoliters (nL) and 50 nL in size to achieve the target dispense volume. The system includes droplet verification, which verifies the exact number of droplets have been dispensed and provides a verification report post-run. The proprietary source well plate features 100µm hole at the bottom which facilitates the droplets under positive pressure.

The touch-screen software control is seamless and simple to use. No previous programming or automation experience is needed. Users can set-up and start dispensing in minutes.


  • FlexDrop iQ Instrument
  • (4) Power Cords (EU, UK, US, AU) Fuse change may be required.
  • Air tubing - 6mm tubing with Quick Connect to instrument and fitting to connect to house air or compressor
  • (4) Black adapter plates (1, 2, 4 and 8 mm)- for target plate heights
  • FlexDrop iQ Source Plates with 80 uL wells in startup kit
  • Waste PCR Tubes


Instrument FlexDrop iQ Non-Contact Dispenser
Input Voltage AC 100-120V, 10A or AC 200-240V, 5A
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Input 100W (500W max)
Fuses (2) 5 x 20 mm, 2,5A (200 - 240 VAC)
(2) 5 x 20 mm, 5A (100 - 120 VAC)
Air Pressure Supply 3- 10 bar, maximum 10 bars
(43- 145 psi, maximum 145 psi)
Protection Class l
Environmental Conditions Temperature 64-77°F (18-25°C)
Humidity 30-65 % rH
Dimensions L x W x H 471 x 575 x 378 mm
18.6” x 22.75” x 15”
Weight 50 kg (111 lbs.)



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