Nabsys Opens a Distribution Channel for the OhmX Analyzer in Canada

Next generation genomic tools company, Nabsys®, has executed a nonexclusive agreement with Canadian distributor, D-Mark Biosciences Inc. (“DMark”), for sales of its OhmX™ platform. OhmX is Nabsys’ first commercially available product and was released in October 2023.

DMark will be responsible for distributing both the Nabsys’ OhmX™ Analyzer and consumables into both public and private research core labs and institutions in the Canadian market.

The OhmX Analyzer utilizes electronic genome mapping (EGM), a novel technology that leverages state of the art electronic nanodetectors to detect tagged high molecular weight DNA molecules with unprecedented precision and speed offering a superior and reliable tool for structural variant analysis.

 OhmX has a small benchtop footprint and can fit easily into most laboratories. The instrument comes with access to a cloud-based secondary analytics software called Human Chromosome Explorer (HCE). HCE was developed by Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc. and is now offered as a standalone analytical suite for OhmX data to enable structural variant calling and reporting.

 “With growing demand for the OhmX platform in the US, this distribution agreement marks an important step towards establishing a strong global distribution network,” Nabsys’ Chief Commercial Officer, Justin Bingham, remarked. “We look forward to a successful collaboration with DMark and the expanded use of electronic genome mapping for enhanced SV analysis across a broader geography of North America.”

 “DMark’s approach to understanding the gaps in genomics technology to enable cutting-edge research to be performed faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost aligns perfectly to Nabsys’ mission. Together, we will enable a broad range of applications – from rare disease and cancer to cell and gene therapy – to advance our customers’ research,” said DMark CEO, Duane Mendis, Ph.D.

-Elise Benson

Director of Marketing


About Nabsys 2.0, LLC

The Nabsys 2.0, LLC (“Nabsys”) mission is to advance the understanding of disease, increase diagnostic yield, and improve patient outcomes by enabling routine, accurate, cost-effective analysis of genomic structural variation. Located in Providence, RI, Nabsys employs a growing interdisciplinary group of dedicated scientists, engineers, and other professionals committed to the advancement of genomic analysis.