XTRACT 16+ (Fully Automated Walk Away DNA/RNA extraction system)

AutogenSKU: AUT-XI-16001




The XTRACT 16+® is our newest robotic, benchtop workstation for fast, high-yield, nucleic acid purification from virtually all molecular diagnostic, biological, clinical, and forensic sample types. Key features include a small footprint, lightweight,  user-friendly interface, a broad range of entirely built-in programs with free upgrades, and 1-16 samples that can be isolated simultaneously at your fingertips. Our instrument will simplify your daily routine, providing full traceability of kits and samples through real-time mobile monitoring and a complete report that can be downloaded on a computer at the end of each run.

Product Details

Extraction Principle

Unlike the traditional method of purifying nucleic acid, our magnetic beads allow specific binding to DNA/RNA with minimal cross-contamination and no clogging concerns. To live out the idea of walkaway automation, we are always optimizing our program and protocols to allow users to apply specimens directly onto our systems with minimal pretreatment.

Full Traceability of Samples & Kits (LIMS)

A .csv report is generated at the end of each run and contains all relevant data including:

  • User’s name
  • Sample and kit barcode
  • Protocol number
  • Sample and elution volume
  • Start and end time

The file can be subsequently processed by a LIMS.

Real-Time Mobile Monitoring

To see real-time information about the run processing status, and the remaining time and errors during the run, our instrument HMI can be accessed with Wi-Fi via your smartphone/tablet through our app; Android and iOS compatible.

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