Shoreline Wave™ V4

Shoreline BiomeSKU: SHO-WAVEV4-A

Size: PCR Amplify Set A


Fast track your 16S analysis with the Shoreline Wave V4 kit

The fastest and easiest 16S V4 kit for the Illumina platform

The Shoreline Wave V4 amplicon kits are an easy-to-use solution for researchers seeking the innovative PCR amplicon technology from Shoreline Biome to maximize Illumina NGS output for microbiome research. Smart, structure-based primer design maximizes microbial coverage and reduces amplification bias. Unique dual-end barcoding reduces read errors and virtually eliminates index hopping. Ready-to-go reagents enable less than 30 minutes hands-on time and minimal pipetting steps adds both unique dual-end barcodes and Illumina adapters in one PCR step. Just pool samples and sequence.


  • One-step PCR adds barcodes and Illumina sequencing adapters—just pool and sequence
  • Unique dual-end barcodes reduce read errors and minimize index hopping

What is included:

  • PCR plate with unique dual-end barcoded primers
  • 2x PCR pre-mix

What you need:

  • Purified DNA
  • 96-well plates with plate seals
  • Thermocycler
  • PCR purification kit
  • Centrifuge with plate adaptor
  • Gel reagents for QC


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