Shoreline Complete™ StrainID™

Shoreline BiomeSKU: SHO-STRAIN-A

Size: Set A (96 barcodes)


Ensure that no microbe is left behind with the Shoreline Complete StrainID kit.

The fastest, easiest method to achieve strain-level resolution in complex microbial samples on the PacBio platform.

Shoreline Complete is the fastest, easiest, most complete microbiome sample prep kit on the market. The patented* lysis/DNA purification step ensures that no microbe is left behind without the need for cumbersome bead beating. The patented** StrainID amplicon with smart primer design and unique dual-end barcoding reduces amplification bias and maximizes usable reads. Pooled samples are ready for the addition of SMRTbell adaptors and PacBio Sequel systems. Each StrainID kit comes with complimentary SBanalyzer demultiplexing software and Athena Microbial Reference Database.*** Together with our SBanalyzer software and Athena database, this is the most complete solution for strain identification using the PacBio Sequel System.

Kits are available in both 16-barcode and 96-barcode versions.

* U.S. Patent No. 10,774,322
** U.S. Patent No. 10,894,990
*** SBanalyzer link provided in package insert



  • Simple workflow
  • Superior lysis with no bead beating
  • HMW ssDNA ideal for PCR
  • Ideal for low sample inputs
  • Smart PCR primer design reduces bias
  • One-step PCR
  • Unique dual-end barcodes maximizes usable reads
  • SBanalyzer software demultiplexes and maps reads
  • Athena database for strain-level assignment
  • Sample types include stool, skin, swab, tissue, soil, insect, and dairy

What is included:

  • Lysis plate with dried-down reagents
  • Purification buffer with magnetic beads
  • PCR plate with unique dual-end barcoded primers
  • 2x PCR pre-mix
  • SBanalyzer software and Athena database

What you need:

  • 96-well plates with plate seals
  • Thermocycler and magnetic plate
  • PCR purification kit
  • Centrifuge with plate adaptor
  • Gel reagents for QC
Weight 1 lbs Dimensions 6.25 × 3.375 × 4.45 in

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