Shoreline Complete™ V1-V3

Shoreline BiomeSKU: SHO-SCV13-A

Size: Set A (96 barcodes)


Simplified workflow and superb medium-resolution microbiome profiling for sequencing on Illumina platforms.

Shoreline Complete is the fastest, easiest, most complete microbiome sample prep kit on the market. The patented* lysis/DNA purification step ensures that no microbe is left behind without the need for cumbersome bead beating. The smart primer design and unique dual-end barcoding reduces read errors, virtually eliminates index hopping, and reduces amplification bias. A single-step PCR adds dual-end barcodes and Illumina adapters—just pool and sequence.

* U.S. Patent No. 10,774,322



  • Simple workflow
  • Superior lysis with no bead beating
  • HMW ssDNA ideal for PCR
  • Ideal for low sample inputs
  • One-step PCR adds barcodes and Illumina sequencing adapters
  • Smart PCR primer design reduces bias
  • Unique dual-end barcodes reduce read errors and minimize index hopping
  • Sample types include stool, skin, swab, tissue, soil, insect, and dairy

What is included:

  • Lysis plate with dried-down reagents
  • Purification buffer with magnetic beads
  • PCR plate with unique dual-end barcoded primers
  • 2x PCR pre-mix

What you need:

  • 96-well plates with plate seals
  • Thermocycler and magnetic plate
  • PCR purification kit
  • Centrifuge with plate adaptor
  • Gel reagents for QC

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